meal including:

baghale polo with fresh lamb meat – zereshk polo with chicken – shirin polo with chicken – albalou polo with chicken – rice with saffron – greek rice 100% – chicken bbq – beef stragorof – khoresht fesenjoon – tahchin – warm vegetables.

 salads: andonesian salad, olovie, pasta salad, seasonal salad.

 deserts: ice cream cake , sharlot, tart of fruits, pelempiro, … type of jellies,

Drinks: dough, water, cock, pepsi.

Services and dishes including:

Silver dishes from chef ad dish + Turkish chairs + table with cover, host, expensed made and female hosts with uniform, for every 20 guest.

First quality seasonal fruits 5 types of them + choosen cake + 2 models of best sweets + 3 models of juices + 6 natural juice models + 2 models of hot drinks.

Design: romian roof – bride and groom’s place – designing bride and groom’s entrance – vip table design – coffeeshop counter – candle bar.

 decorating candles: caps of candles in each table’s quest – bride and groom’s entrance – guests entrance – candle bar.

 floral: floral of the bride and groom’s pace floral of bride and groom’s entrance (cup of flower).


Lightening bride and groom’s place – lightening on the walls for welcoming – lightening rooming’s roof – chandelier.


Chosen wedding table by bride and groom – memorial table – fire work – (entrance, cake , tango) wishing tree.